Ethopian Information Technology  Professionals  Association

Code of Conduct and Ethics


This sets out the professional principles required by the Ethiopian Information Technology Professional association (EITPA) as a condition of membership.

Within this document, the term ‘relevant authority’ is used to identify the person or organization, which has authority over your activity as an individual .If you are practicing professional, this is normally an academic institution.

The code governs your personal conduct as an individual member of EITPA and not the nature of business or ethics of the relevant authority. It will, therefore, be a matter of your exercising your personal judgment in meeting the code’s requirements.

Any breach of the code of conduct brought to the attention of the association will be considered under the association’s disciplinary procedures. You should also ensure that you notify the Association of any significant violation of this code by another EITPA member.

Your Professional Competence and Integrity
You shall seek to upgrade your professional knowledge and skill, and maintain awareness of technological developments, procedures and standards which are relevant to your field, and encourage your subordinates to do likewise.
  You shall not claim and level of competence that you do not possess. You shall only offer to do work or provide a service that is with in your professional competence.

You can self –assess your professional competence for undertaking a particular job or role by asking, for example,

Am I familiar with the technology involved, or have I worked with similar technology before?
  Have I successfully completed similar assignments or roles in the past?
Can I demonstrate adequate knowledge of the specific business application and requirements to successfully undertake the work?
  You shall observe the relevant EITPA Codes of Practice and all other standards which, in your judgment, are relevant, and encourage your colleagues to do likewise.

You shall accept professional responsibility for your work and for the work of colleagues who are defined in a given context as working under your supervision.

Your Professional Duty

You shall uphold the reputation and good standing of the EITPA in particular, and the IT profession in general, and seek to improve professional standards through participation in their development, use and enforcement

  As a Member of the EITPA you also have a wider responsibility to promote public understanding of ICT - its benefits and pitfalls - and, whenever practical, to counter misinformation that brings or could bring the profession into disrepute.
  You should encourage and support fellow members in their professional development and, where possible, provide opportunities for the professional development of new members, particularly student members. Enlightened mutual assistance between ICT professionals furthers the reputation of the profession, and assists individual members
  You shall act with integrity in your relationships with all members of the EITPA and with members of other professions with whom you work in a professional capacity.

You shall have due regard for the possible consequences of your statements on others. You shall not make any public statement in your professional capacity unless you are properly qualified and, where appropriate, authorized to do so. You shall not purport to represent the EITPA unless authorized to do so

  The offering of an opinion in public, holding oneself out to be an expert in the subject in question, is a major personal responsibility and should not be undertaken lightly.
  To give an opinion that subsequently proves ill founded is a disservice to the profession, and to the EITPA.
  You shall notify the Association if convicted of a criminal offence or upon becoming bankrupt or disqualified as Manager/Director of your company or organization
Your Duty to Relevant Authority
  You shall avoid any situation that may give rise to a conflict of interest between you and your relevant authority. You shall make full and immediate disclosure to them if any conflict is likely to occur or be seen by a third party as likely occur.
  You shall not disclose or authorize to be disclosed, or use for personal gain or to benefit a third party, confidential information except with the permission of your relevant authority, or at the direction of a court of law.
  You shall not misrepresent or withhold information of the performance of products, systems or services, or take advantage of the lack of relevant knowledge or inexperience of others.
Your Responsibility to the Public
  You shall carry out work or study with due care and diligence in accordance with the relevant authority’s requirements, and the interests of system users. If your professional judgment is overruled, you shall indicate the likely risks and consequences.

The crux of the issue here, familiar to all professionals in whatever field, is the potential conflict between full and committed compliance with the relevant authority's wishes, and the independent and considered exercise of your judgment.

If your judgment is overruled, you are encouraged to seek advice and guidance from a peer or colleague on how best to respond.

In your professional role you shall have regard for the public good health, safety and environment.

This is a general responsibility, which may be governed by legislation, convention or protocol.
If in doubt over the appropriate course of action to take in particular circumstances you should seek the counsel of a peer or colleague

You shall have regard to the legitimate rights of third parties.

  The term 'third Party' includes professional colleagues, or possibly competitors, or members of 'the public' who might be affected by an ICT project without their being directly aware of its existence.

You shall ensure that within your professional field/s you have knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation, regulations and standards, and that you comply with such requirements

Example, of relevant legislation could be, the Ethiopian Law, Ethiopian ICT policy and Legislation, Ethiopian ICT development Authority, and possibly for National Security, or law relating to intellectual property. This list is not exhaustive, and you are aware of all legislations relevant to your professional responsibilities.
In the international context, you should be aware of, understand, the requirements of laws specific to the jurisdiction within which you are working, and, where relevant, to supranational legislations. You should seek specialist advice when necessary.

You shall conduct your professional activities without discrimination against clients or colleagues

  Grounds of discrimination include race, color, ethnic origin, and sexual orientation
All colleagues have a right to be treated with dignity and respect.
You should adhere to relevant laws within the jurisdiction of your place of work and, You are encouraged to promote equal access to the benefits of IT by all groups Associations, and to avoid and reduce ‘social exclusion’ from IT wherever opportunities arise.
  You shall reject any offer of bribery or inducement.
Your Acknowledgement
  Obligation to management. Therefore, you shall promote the understanding of information processing methods and procedures to management using every resource at your command.
  Obligation to your fellow member. Therefore, you shall uphold the high ideals of EITPA as outlined in the Association Bylaws. Further, you shall cooperate with your fellow members and shall treat them with honesty and respect at all times.
  Obligation to society. You will participate to the best of your ability in the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the general development and understanding of IT processing. Further, you shall not use knowledge of a confidential nature to further your personal interest, nor shall you violate the privacy and confidentiality of information entrusted to you or to which you may gain access.
  Obligation to your College or University. Therefore, you shall uphold its ethical and moral principles.
  Obligation to your employer. Therefore, you shall endeavor to discharge this obligation to the best of your ability, to guard your employer’s interests, and to advise him or her wisely and honestly.

Obligation to your country. Therefore, in your personal, business and social contacts, you shall uphold your nation and shall honor the chosen way of life of your fellow citizens.

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You accept these obligations as a personal responsibility and as a member of this Association. You shall actively discharge these obligations and you dedicate yourself to that end.